Piyush Agade

Piyush Agade

Java Developer, Android Developer, JS Developer


About Me

I am currently looking for a full time job as a software/web developer. I have a Computer Science Master's degree conferred by University of Florida. I graduated in April 2017.

I specialize in Android app development and JS app development (Electron). Currently, I am exploring Internet of Things, and I am enamoured by it. I love working on front-end, and also enjoy graphics designing. I enjoy building stuff, tearing stuff apart and putting it back together, and learning new technologies. I also like coffee, EDM, and playing guitar.

Latest Projects



Toyo is public chatroom app, where users can create and share chatrooms extremely easily. Toyo is designed with Angular 2 and Firebase serves as the backend.

Individual Project Angular 2 Firebase


UniClip - Clipboard sync

UniClip is a multi-device cross-platform clipboard syncronization app. It allows sending (and opening) links, phone numbers, etc to all your connected devices. UniClip is powered by Electron and Firebase.

Individual Project Android Electron jQuery Firebase

project name

Ultrasound Nerve Segmentation

In this project, I along with my awesome team-mates designed a machine learning algorithm that predicts the location of Braxial Plexus nerve in the neck region by processing a really obscure ultrasound image.

Python SciPy Keras MatPlotLib NumPy

project name

Soccer Statistics System

Soccer Statistics System is a PHP, HTML, and JS based soccer facts machine, which computes facts in the real-time from data stored in the database.

Oracle PHP jQuery

project name

Hits n' Clicks

Hits n' Clicks is a classic puzzle game very very similar to Cows n' Bulls. Great soundtracks and immersive UI makes it a very enchanting game.

Individual Project Android Firebase

Other Projects


A cross-platform event notification and synchronization application.

Individual Project Android Electron Express


Chimey is a timer-based app, which plays a sound after an settable interval.

Individual Project Android

Interactive Viral Marketing

This project implements two influence propagation models in a social network to visualize how viral information spreads.

Python CherryPy VisJS jQuery


BitSync is a uTorrent like peer-to-peer file sharing system developed in Java.


Game of Life

A Python implementation of Conway's Game of Life.

Individual Project Python ImageIO

Texephyr Official website

The official website for te annual technical festival 'Texephyr 2014'.

Individual Project HTML CSS jQUery

Summit Official website

The official website for the national-level sports meet 'Summit 2013'.

Individual Project Python ImageIO

SPE Official website

The official website of SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) MIT Pune's student chapter for the duration 2013-15

Individual Project HTML CSS jQUery

Work Experience

Web Developer - University of Florida (July 2017 - Present)

  • Developed web applications that provide insights about water usage and water conservation programs.

Backend Developer Intern - Filtrest, Inc. (July 2016 - Aug 2016)

  • Designed, developed and populated the database and lookup algorithms for the system using Python and APIs of popular social networking sites like Twitter, Reddit, etc.
  • Designed a relational database for storing the data obtained by lookup algorithms.

Student Assistant - Intelligent Health Lab (Sept 2016 - Dec 2016)

  • Worked on natural language processing algorithms and techniques on abstracts of medical journals from pubmed.gov and extract interesting information like word rankings, frequencies, clustering, etc.

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